OES’s Newest Upper School Activity

By Charlie Norgaard

OES has always lacked a strong sense of connection using community inspired media. While the Aardvark Dig is here to provide students, teachers, and parents alike with a weekly update of school news, there is still a large portion of OES news that is either overlooked or straight up ignored.

OES junior, Colin B has paid close attention to this weakness in communication and connection within the community. Throughout his high school career he has always been driven to make OES a more actively aware community, especially in regards to athletic related news and events.

Though Colin has made attempts to exercise this passion of his via the Dig, where he has written many articles about OES news and athletics, he still felt unsatisfied. However, with the help of a returning alumnus and new faculty member, Chris Hochgesang, Colin’s passion is being expressed in new and refreshing ways.  

At the start of the new trimester this year, Colin B and Chris Hochgesang have created their own new and official activity. Though it has no official name as of yet, the activity is currently focused on sports news and broadcasting.

In the hopes of gaining publicity and viewership, the activity is focusing their attention on the OES Athletics Youtube channel (link provided below). Every week, the broadcasting team has been live streaming OES basketball games …. and trust me, it’s a sight to see. Though the games are already interesting enough to watch, a blend between Ethan B’s excellent filming and Colin B’s gripping commentary makes it a riveting viewing experience. If you haven’t subscribed to the Youtube channel, you should be ashamed to call yourself an Aardvark.

I spoke with Chris Hochgesang and he described his vision and plan for the activity. While his first priority is to get the Youtube channel in full motion, he and the rest of the activity team hope to eventually move towards bigger and better things as viewership increases. Chris emphasized that he “doesn’t want the activity to just be focused on sports broadcasting,” and plans to enable the activity to cover a broader range of topics. In the near future, Chris says that he and his team will start producing weekly podcasts, where they will interview and discuss relevant community news with members of the community, which they will then publish through the Dig. They hope that the podcast will provide another means of connection and communication for the student body, faculty, and parents along with the Dig.

For the time being, the activity currently consists of just five members, however they are not to be underestimated. The dream team consists of Jack M, Luke S, Ethan B, Chris Hochgesang, and the mastermind behind it all, Colin B. The team highly encourages anyone who might have an interest in the activity to join, as they are always open to new ideas and advice. And once again, remember to subscribe to the OES Athletics Youtube channel.

OES Athletics Youtube channel link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOeugz8xuQIAXQTbcSLlIKw

The Dream Team: