Live Grading Update

By Jonah Song

This year, beginning in the first semester, many Sophomores voiced complaints about the current situation of live grade updates. Currently, as it stands, OES students cannot access their current grades in classes; teachers are only required to calculate the students’ grades at the end of each semester.

Teddy Siker, as the Policy Board Representative for the class of 2020, has heard many of these concerns in regard to the issue of live grade updates. According to Teddy, “Many students are very unsure of their grade throughout the year. They want to be updated and they want to know where they need to improve. Some people even feel like their overall grade is drawn out of a hat.”

Matthew L. ‘20, an advocate for the practice of live grade updates, believes that “teachers are withholding information that we, students, deserve and the school is downplaying the importance of grades.” Matthew has been denied access to his current grade before because “there was still a major assessment which has not yet occurred.” However, Matt believes that “an ungraded major assessment” does not change the fact that students deserve to know their grades. Additionally, Matthew also noted, “I have been told that students should not be able to see their grades because it only stresses them out. I feel like I am more stressed by not knowing how I am doing.”

The situation of live grade updates has been a long fight between the students and teachers. Policy board has discussed the student concerns with the department chairs. Although some students are upset and have reason to be, making such a drastic change could be difficult for the teachers. According to Teddy, “some teachers have been grading in a very particular way for a long time. Suddenly changing the way that they have to grade may be very disruptive and difficult for them.”

2 thoughts on “Live Grading Update

  1. Dear Dig: It might have been useful to interview faculty for this grading article. You might have gotten more varied responses than just the ones students provided. Also, I’m not sure I endorse the word “fight” to characterize the question. Thanks for bringing this topic up.

    Debby Schauffler

  2. Jonah – I invite you to interview a teacher (and volunteer myself), so you can find out some reasons from the teacher perspective why live grading might be a concern for pedagogical and practical reasons. Come on by!

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