The Canvas: End of First Semester Edition

By Alma Nye and Skylar Killian

Hey everyone! Thank you to those who submitted to The Canvas. This is the final post for first semester. Next semester we plan to step up our game with more frequent posts and a wider variety of creative expression!

Canvas #1
Hazardous Arsenic: Don’t Touch.

By Bryan To

“It used to be our place for our experiment, where plants in their environments had timed lights hanging above them. Now it’s a cart that we cram our SRP stuff on.”

Canvas #1-1

By Sydney Roth

Canvas #1-2

By Peter Wogan


By Justin Dao


By Noah Wali

“I took this in South America. I like it because if you were just walking along the line of cars you wouldn’t notice the inside of this van.”


By Henry Banning

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