Tokyo Grill Food Review

By Nicholas Chang

Ahhhhh! Tokyo Grill. To us here on The Dig, this beautiful mixture of spicy chicken and delicious salad makes this eatery a staple in OES Culture. Here is what Oregon Eating Society has to say about this restaurant:

Tokyo Grill is a small little hole in the wall restaurant located near the 6 corners intersection, next to that 7-Eleven.

Walking into the small restaurant, I was immediately greeted by a nice lady that seems to have worked there forever. Perhaps she owns the place? When It came to food, I ordered the number 1: spicy chicken, salad, and rice. The price was actually pretty cheap, for the amount of food I received. When the food came to my table, I was given a mound of chicken, salad, and a hefty amount of rice. Not only that, the chicken was covered in the delicious sauce that I could not get enough of. MMMmmmmmm!

While most of the other critics and I do believe this restaurant deserves high marks based on its delicious chicken and delectable salad, there are the haters. *cough Kara Tambellini *cough.

For all those Tokyo Grill lovers out there, I warn you, this may hurt.

“Tokyo grill is disgusting. I had it once for this conference and it was absolutely horrible. It was bland, overcooked, and greasy. Plus, their meat is not properly sourced.” – hater.

To all of the people who understand delicious food and have a refined palate, I believe you can agree that Tokyo Grill deserves high marks. The mixture of delicious chicken, convenient location, and friendly staff boosts this eatery to a strong 8.5/10 on the OES scale. However, due to some of the haters, there has to be a penalty bringing the final Oregon Eating Society score to 8.0/10. Tokyo grill is definitely worth a visit if you have not been there yet.

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