Why You Should Come to Board Game Club!

By Viraj Shankar

Here at OES, there are tons of lunch meetings that you can go to everyday, but there are many reasons that you really ought to come to board game club!

Board game club started last year by a select group of students who had attended the board game Winterim last march. Their intent was to try and recreate the board game experience that they had in Winterim for the entire OES community. And as someone who has been to the club many times, I can say that it is actually a lot of fun. There are tons of board games that you can play from getting at each other’s throats while playing Coup to traveling to different planets to mine and conquer in Mission Red Planet.

CT Henry, who headed the Board Game winterim last year, explained that playing board games entails more than just winning a game. “Playing games is a great way to keep your mind flexible and active. Playing board games aren’t just good for having social experiences, they’re a boon to your brain power as well! Indeed, research has continually shown that there are various cognitive benefits that are associated with playing board games.” Additionally, CT believes that board games are a great way to cut loose from technology, and help create closer bonds between friends.

Tadhg W. ’20, who leads this years board games, says that playing board games is a beneficial experience to him because, “there’s a lot of strategy in playing games, and the more fun ones require a good amount of thought and planning. I think mostly it’s helped me to strategize, [and] bring my friends as close to losing it without them leaving me.” Tadhg also thinks that board games have a way of closely engaging people, which, again, helps form closer bonds between friends and peers

When I asked Tadhg and CT to share some of their board games, they had some interesting answers! Tadhg’s favorite board games are: Roll for the Galaxy, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Splendor, and Isle of Skye. CT’s favorite card game is Skull King, and his favorite board game is Shadows Over Camelot. A lot of these exciting games you can find, and play at board game club!

There’s a board game for everyone, so play, relax, engage, laugh, and come to board game club! Board game club meets usually at lunch on Friday, but occasionally it meets after school too.