The Appreciation Box

By Max Fitzloff

On Thursday last week, a new concept was presented to the OES upper school community by class president, Jack Morningstar.

An appreciation box is going to be created in order to enable students and teachers alike to send out compliments and positive messages, which will be read out during gathering. Jack Morningstar explained to me that the appreciation box is a campaign, started by the Student Council and has the intention to boost morale within the student body. The box will be a great way for students to express appreciation to each other.

Jenny Cleveland also commented on the box, hoping that students take the opportunity to use the box in the future to better the community. She has found that when she takes time to appreciate others she begins to appreciate more and more people. Jenny also told me to send a special appreciation to Student Council for creating the box. Some members of the US office also commented on the box saying “It’s an opportunity for positive, uplifting messages!” and “I appreciate and enjoy all of you (students)!”

Overall, the box will definately be a great way to start the upcoming new semester. Be sure to enter some appreciations and make someone’s day!