We’re Not the Favorite

By Anonymous

Firstly, I would like to explain what this is. We all know the school has favorites. We see it in the blogs, school website and the Dig, right? Right. The Upper schoolers are kinda boss at most media platforms and the Lower schoolers are really cute. But we all know, the Middle school is not the favorite.

I mean, what do you expect? We are literally the middle child of the school, we can’t do anything fun cause that’s only for the Upper school, everything cute is taken by the Lower school, and no one really likes interactions with us.

I mean there is way too much variety here. You’ve got the sixes that are just loud, short, and way too excited to be in Middle school. Next you have the sevens, they’re confused and don’t really care that much anymore but don’t wanna get lower than a B or suspended. And lastly the eights, they just wanna be in High school, they also wanna die but can’t because they love memes too much. Yet someone decided all of those little- to large-sized monsters should be locked in one medium sized building for three years.

And don’t even get me started on interactions with any Upper school students. Bro. It’s hard to watch. Have you seen how we exit the lunch room, or how much we long to be included in their seemingly lit and aesthetically pleasing lives, or how we play sports when we’re on the field next to them, or the attention we give them if they make a gathering announcement? It’s actually crazy how much clout one upper schooler can absorb from the Middle school. We’re kind of obsessed.  

Anyway, back to why I am writing this. We need to prove that we are collectively at least ten percent less annoying than the rest of the school thinks we are. I mean we’re pretty ­annoying, but, like, it’s not that bad.

Except for the relationships, that is the dumbest thing in the entire world; I would know. The socials have just turned into one big joke (no shade intended). I mean I love getting turnt, but the amount of drama that three minutes of Sam Smith can create is absolutely iNsAne. Like, if you dance with someone, you won’t forget about it. No matter how much you want to. As much as you try to erase it. You can’t. It haunts you forever.

I’m getting off topic. That’s not what this is about. Sorry.

To make a long story short (like the sixth grade…ROASTED) I think OES needs to learn to appreciate what we do. Without us, imagine how boring daily life on campus would be? Let’s think here. When you finally got into ninth grade, who did you tease as you walked by them on campus? The middle schoolers. Who do you vent to when you don’t want anyone in the high school to hear? The middle schoolers. Who are the most extra and melodramatic people of our school community? The middle schoolers. What part of the school is constantly getting “restorative days”, and therefore getting reputations larger than the school’s diversity gap? You guessed it, it’s us, the middle schoolers. In the end, our presence is a blessing, to every single one of you. Seriously. So get used to it, because we will never not exist. Ever.

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