The Call of the Wild

By Vy N.

No, this is not a Jack London book review. Yes, it relates to the snow and the battle between humans and nature.

Background: Every night, except for Friday and Saturday nights and special occasions, dormies are required to do study hall. For new students and special cases, students are required to do proctored study hall in the library with Nino Horvat as their supervisor; for either, they do in-room: study inside the residential buildings or independent study hall, which means they can study however they want.

At 4:52 pm Tuesday Feb 20th, it was currently snowing. I realized if I have to walk out in 32 Fahrenheit just to go to the library for proctored study hall, I would be anathematized. In an awakening call, I knew I had to take action.

Action: an email was sent to Sarah Grenert-Funk, Director of Residential Life at 5:29 pm. Below is the content of the email.

Hi Sarah,

As we all see, it is snowing! From the bottom of my heart, I found myself being torn between the great overjoy of bliss and the blue cloud of sorrow because OES closed early. What if I missed some informative and interesting lectures? What if my free block, which is the last block, misses me? Thousands of what-ifs flow into my mind and bury me in what we would call, self-resentment. But then again, there is me and my happy la-la-la self, who realizes that the extra six hours give me time to rest and catch up with my barely-nonexistent social life!

Enough about the self-struggle because I have just shed a tear of confusion and mixed feelings. The battle keeps going on, but I have life business to attend to, and I personally perceive that it is my privilege, honor, and responsibility to present to you what I have slept on for the last twenty minutes.

Is it possible for us cute little freshmen, new students and people that have to go to proctored study hall to have the in-room study hall?

I understand that a lot of people think proctored study hall gives us the energized concentration and the expected work ethics, and I undoubtedly have to agree to that. Proctored study hall sets a perfect workplace for me to focus on the work that I am given because of school and educate myself on problems that governments and authorities think teenagers should be informed of. However, there are some little reasons why I think proctored study hall should be canceled tonight.

First of all, it is incredibly dangerous outside. It is snowing, it is beautiful, it is aesthetically inspiring, but Geraldo Rivera said: “she [Mother Nature]’s going to come around and whack you”. Nature is unpredictable, which makes it another level of danger. According to my trustable source, it is 60% likely to snow at 7 pm, and it is 80% likely to snow at 9 pm! This means it is so likely for us little children to wander from the library to Jackson House under the freezing weather and the bitter ruthless snow. What if Tiffany chokes on snowflakes and we have to call the police? What if Alexis falls and hurts herself because the road is slippery and it is so dark she cannot see anything? What if Henry accidentally drops his laptop/ music-playing device on the ground because he is preoccupied with shielding himself against the wind? What if Alice catches a cold because she can only cover herself with her pink blanket? So many what-ifs drown me, and I find myself having to take action.

Second of all, Nino has to travel from somewhere else to go to OES to proctor us for study hall. During lunch today, you mentioned that we should shove our food into our stomach quick because the Bon Appétit staff need to go home. That being said, it is unfair of us to request Nino to be on campus, traveling all those miles, just to scrunch his eyebrows every ten minutes and check up on literally everyone’s laptop screen. In addition, what if he has an accident because of the snow, or he gets sick because of the evil white substance? I deeply fear for his well-being and find that it is best if he stays where he is after study hall and does not go to OES tonight.

Third of all, I have come to realize that it is nearly impossible to have a hot drink during study hall, and in this weather, who would say no to a cup of chocolate with mini marshmallows on top (except for Alice)? There is a water fountain, but apparently, it only supplies drinkable cold water, and drinking water from the taps in the bathroom does not seem like a solution for most OES students. I tried to bring tea into study hall once, but Nino greatly restricts me consuming the heavenly beverage that keeps me sane. We are only allowed to bring hot water, but why would you drink hot water if you are not in critical health conditions? However, if we stay in the dorm, we would have access to hot water 24/7, and we would be able to satisfy our cold self and enjoy our evening in this relatively crappy but rewarding weather.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, I strongly believe that proctored study hall should be canceled tonight, and anyone that is required to go to this “activity” stays in a shelter filled with love and care (aka OES dorm/ Nino’s house). I understand that setting up proctored study hall is way more complicated than what I have seemingly portrayed in this email, however, the pros outweigh the cons, and proctored study hall should be canceled tonight.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


(Result: Sarah read the email out loud during dinner. At 6:29 pm, proctored study hall was officially canceled.)

-Vy N.

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