New OES Employee Makes a Splash

By Alex Slusher

OES is a special community mostly because of those who are passionate about being an Aardvark. That being said, it could be debated that the most passionate member of our community is neither a student nor a teacher.

Instead, I would like to introduce Chris Hochgesang, possibly the most energetic member of our community.

Hochgesang is a lifer in our community, having decided to attend OES after a fateful shadow day at Catlin Gabel which left the young Hochgesang crying. While at OES, Hochgesang was a jack of all trades, participating in both lacrosse and theater. After graduating from OES, Hochgesang attended USC, immersing himself in both club lacrosse and the “Water Cooler”, a student-run sports TV show.  

After returning home to Portland, Hochgesang decided to re-engage at OES, hoping to provide creative opportunities for students that he did not have access to as a student. Teaming up with Colin B. ’19, Hochgesang created the OES Stories activity, which focuses on broadcasting events and promoting community events and success. Although it was very hard for the club to find members and quality technology at first, it has blossomed into a cohesive group which has already successfully broadcasted many OES events. If there is one thing Chris like to do, it is “putting a smile on an Aardvarks’ faces”, and it is safe to say he is accomplishing that so far.