The Current State of OES Athletics

By Charlie Norgaard

The highly anticipated Spring sports season is finally in full throttle. Athletes are shifting away from their winter sports and are now turning their focus towards the golf, tennis, lacrosse, and track teams. However, this is not the case for the OES men’s basketball team.

With a 18-9 record, the boys have advanced to the quarter finals for the first time since 2013. The squad left at noon on Wednesday for their five hour trek out to Coos Bay, where they will play #2 ranked Dayton High School.

Team Captains Colby B and Ian H emphasized that, “If we don’t come home with a 1st place trophy in hand, then we’re not coming back at all.”

Win or lose, the team has undoubtedly had a successful season, and has proven OES athletics to be a formidable foe for competing high schools.

In other athletic news, the OES Varsity Ski team has advanced to State, as they recently beat out 6A behemoth Jesuit High School. The team has had an enourmously succesful season, and will continue to wreak havoc in their upcoming competitions. If you see any ski team members, remember to wish them luck!

Additionally, the Sports Broadcasting activity led by Chris Hochgesang and Colin B. have released their first official podcast, which includes an interview with Colin B led by athletic director Dennis Sullivan. If you would like to listen, the file is included in the article.

Podcast Link: