The Revolutionary Boyband: BROCKHAMPTON

By Trevor Jones

For this week’s edition of The Beat, I want to talk about the group (or boy band) that is taking the music world by storm: BROCKHAMPTON.

The thing that makes BROCKHAMPTON special is that their creations are not limited to just music. Instead, they are building their very own brand. Of the 14 individuals, there are 7 MCs, Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, Bearface, and Joba. Behind the scenes there is Ashlan Grey, the DP/Photographer, Kiko Merley/Romil Hemnani/Jabari Manwa, the producers, HK Sileshi, the graphic designer, Jon Nunes, the group’s manager, and Robert Ontenient, the web designer. What makes the group even more special is that they met on a KTT (Kanye To The) forum. After a little bit of conversing, the founding member Kevin Abstract convinced other individuals to move to San Marcos, Texas in 2015 where BROCKHAMPTON was formally started.  

Once the group was together, they put out mixtape, All-American Trash, in March 2016 but it did not turn any heads. About a year later, the group added a few more members and moved to South Central, Los Angeles where their debut album, SATURATION, was written, recorded, and produced in about 2 weeks in their small home. Following that June 2017 release, BROCKHAMPTON immediately became the sensation of the summer. Hits like GOLD and STAR mesmerized listeners and put SATURATION in contention for one of the best albums of 2017. But the group was not done, Kevin announced on his Twitter account that the boyband would be putting out another LP, titled SATURATION II, in late August. The night before their sophomore album released, they put out a music video for FOLLOW in which Robert stated that it would be the first single off their 3rd album, SATURATION III. As you would expect, this announcement shook the hip hop world as BROCKHAMPTON was truly starting to saturate them with top notch music. Just like SATURATION, both II and III enjoyed excellent reception.

Following an extremely successful year, BROCKHAMPTON still have big plans for 2018. While they are touring North America, the guys are recording their 4th album, TEAM EFFORT. Also, there will supposedly be a full length feature released later on as well. Once those two projects are released, you can expect coverage here on The Beat and The Reel.

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