Read This If You Hate Vince Staples

By Jonah Song

Last June, American rap artist Vince Staples released his sophomore album, “Big Fish Theory.”

Although the project was successful and initially received a lot of support from fans, the outspoken rapper has recently noticed a lot of criticism directed towards him concerning his performances, interviews, and production decisions. According to Staples, someone told him that “it sounds like [he’s] rapping over robot video game beats.” Vince, being considerate to those who are fed up with him, has offered them an “alternative” to him continuing his rap career.

The “Big Fish Theory” artist has started a page on with a goal of two million dollars. If his Go Fund Me page reaches his two million dollar goal, Staples promises that we “will never hear anything from him ever again. . . No songs, no interviews, no anything.” However, if Staples’ critics can’t raise the two million dollars, they have to “let him do what he wants to do when he wants to do it.” Vince has promised that he will purchase a house in suburban Palmdale, California, a puppy, Honda car, and a year supply of soups “for the homies locked down” if the Go Fund Me reaches its goal. This would be a complete change from his current lifestyle, but he swears he will do it.

Midnight, on 9 March 2018, Staples plans to release a new song, and it could be his last.

Go checkout the current progress on his Go Fund Me below.


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