The Inside Scoop: Shrek, The Musical!

By Viraj Shankar

Last week, in the great hall, a spectacle of vividly bright colors, soaring musical numbers, and powerful, emotionally rich acting took place.

Shrek, The Musical was performed for an amazing 6 times. The two an half hour show was filled with plenty of laughs and wackiness, all while staying true to the real meaning of the play, creating an amazing balance between the somber and the sarcastic. I had the chance to interview multiple people involved with the production and execution of this musical. Here is what they had to say!

What was your favorite scene in the play?

“My favorite scene was probably the Fiona scene, where each Fiona was introduced. I honestly liked the music in that scene a lot and though it worked really well together with the acting. Also, I really liked the transition between teen fiona and adult fiona, and the singing overlap that occured at that time!” – Hayden N. ‘20

What did you enjoy most about the process?

“So the thing I would say I enjoyed most about the process of creating like the set and stuff was really the collaboration from so many different people, we had incredible artists coming up with the concepts of what the different castles would look like and so on. We also had a lot of different people coming up with really cool ideas for how we were going to transform the great hall from setting to setting easily. I was a little weary about working with middle schoolers at first but we gave them the project of making the dragon and it went really well, they totally loved helping out and I think they did a really awesome job on it!” – Zoe H. ‘20

“I think that for me the part that I enjoyed the most was having a fairly small part but still wanting to be involved with the show.” – Brooke S. ‘20

What was the craziest thing that happened during rehearsals?

“The craziest thing that happened during tech week was probably just all the things that broke, Graham broke a brand new $400 microphone, Anna claims it was her though, he also broke the stage during a performance one night, and his costume broke at some point and ended up hurting him a little. Other than that, me getting the flu, and the usual antics of tech week. I’d say it was one of the least emergency filled shows that I’ve been a part of here, though.” – Zoe H. ‘20

What was the most challenging obstacle that you had to overcome during this performance?

“The hardest part was definitely dealing with the little kids and trying to not micromanage everyone else!” – Brooke S. ‘20

“For me, the hardest part was probably having to work with a rotating schedule of people, someday there were a lot of techies that were on hand, but sometimes there were techies at all, and it was really hard to work when sometimes there where absolutely no techies. It made the process very hard and as a result it was really easy to run into technical obstacles.” – Hayden N. ‘20

Overall, an absolutely stellar show was put on! Major congratulations to everyone who helped make this adaptation of Shrek a fantastic musical!