Congress Confirms Earth is Flat

by Maya K.H.

On March 27th 2018, the United States Congress confirmed the ongoing belief that the Earth is in fact flat.

The Flat Earth Movement has been promoted worldwide for nearly a decade, since April of 2008. After years of extreme research, hard work, and perseverance, the Flat Earth Society finally had the opportunity to meet with the American Association of Astronomical Discoveries (AAAD) on March 25th 2018, in which they presented their findings in hopes of receiving endorsement.

During an exclusive interview with BBC News, Dominic Holland, head of the AAAD shared his thoughts on his meeting with the Flat Earth Society:

It was absolutely incredible! The evidence presented was so thorough and logical! I appreciate that the Flat Earth Society used scientific facts in order to prove their point. For example, they got a baseball and a glass of water, to represent planet Earth and Rain. They then poured an excessive amount of water onto a specific region of the baseball in order to imitate a flood. Naturally, the water just slid off of the baseball and landed onto the floor.  Afterwards, a piece of flat wood was obtained in order to represent a flat Earth. When an excessive amount of water was poured onto a specific region, it remained in that region! This demonstration exhibited that if the Earth really was round, floods wouldn’t be an issue in society for the water would simply roll of the planet and into outer space. Obviously, this isn’t the case, for floods tend to remain in one region until the water is physically moved, therefore proving that Earth is flat.”

On March 27th, the AAAD and the United States Congress met together in order to debate whether or not legislating the finding that the Earth was flat. This meeting lasted for over 24 hours, but on March 28th 2018, a decision was made.

Congress publicly confirmed that the Earth is flat.

Many astronomy fanatics have rejected the confirmation that Earth is flat, claiming that both science and history invalidates this fact. Numerous individuals have argued that “professional” astronauts have visited outer space since 1961, seeing planet Earth from afar, only to bring evidence that the Earth is round. The Flat Earth Society responded to this fallacious assertion in a public statement.

Space agencies all around the world are involved in a conspiracy faking space travel and exploration.  This conspiracy started during the Cold War’s “Space Race” in which the USA and the USSR were devoted to beating each other to space explorations, to the point that they started faking accomlishpements and discoveries. Up until today this conspiracy has remained, most likely driven by greed.  

Additionally, we at the Flat Earth Society refuse to lend credibility to photographic “evidence” for it is too easy capable of being manipulated or altered.

It must also be noted that if one were to look down at Earth from high above, a circular shape would be expected to be seen where the Sun’s spotlight was shining, explaining  why high altitude photographs are generally curved to produce the illusion of a round horizon.

We are not accusing space agencies of being fully aware that the Earth is flat but actively covering the fact up. Understandably, they depict the earth as being round simply because that is what they expect it to be. Thankfully, after years of work, the Flat Earth Society has finally corrected this misleading assumption.”

Thanks to the Flat Earth Foundation’s hard work and devotion, the Earth is now recognized as a flat object worldwide. If faced with any questions and/or concerns, I encourage you all to study the Flat Earth Society Frequently Asked Questions Page. This page will surely reassure you that there is no denying that Earth is flat.