The Island School

by Max Fitzloff

During fall of last year, Ethan B. ’20 embarked on an adventure he would never forget. Previously, Ethan and his family discussed semester school options and settled on one that would target Ethan’s interest in the ocean and marine biology–The Island School.

Island School#3

The Island school is located in the Bahamas on an Island known as Eleuthera. The school is only for sophomores and juniors and has semester long sessions in the fall and spring. A typical Island School day will start with a 6 am students will wake up and then head to morning circle where they will sing the National anthem of the Bahamas. From the morning circle there is a morning workout where students will either participate in a 2 mile swim or a 6-7 mile run. Breakfast was pretty standard according to Ethan, the food was usually brown rice and something else. After breakfast, students have their first two classes of the day, then there’s lunch and two classes in the afternoon. There is an afternoon exploration period where students embark to scuba dive, snorkel, and explore the campus. The late afternoon consists of dinner, evening activity and evening circle, where announcements were made. Lights out was at 10:30 and then the day was over.

Island School#1

The school particularly struck Ethan’s passion for the ocean, as the group was able to go out on excursions such as scuba diving, and sustainability research. Ethan participated in a sea turtle research project where his group went and studied endangered sea turtles.

Island School#2

Ethan told me he would recommend a semester abroad to anyone, however, he said the transition back to the demanding classes of OES was incredibly difficult and the catch up took forever.