A$AP Rocky

by Trevor Jones

Flacko season is upon us, Aardvarks. One of hip-hop’s most unique artists, A$AP Rocky, has made his way back into the spotlight.
In my opinion, Rocky’s 2015 record, AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP was absolutely incredible as he managed to present a diverse array of sounds. Whether it was the psychedelic melodies of “L$D”  or the hectic, sample heavy “Back Home”, Rocky made it apparent that he is completely different. Every since listening to ALLA, I’ve been fiending for his highly anticipated 3rd album, TE$TING.

Throughout the early months of 2018, Rocky has been releasing snippets off his next album, and in the past month, two new singles have come out: “Bad Company” and “A$AP Forever.” It seems that “Bad Company” did not please too many fans, as the rapping from him and BlocBoy JB is a little average, but “A$AP Forever” reminded hip-hop fanatics why he one of the best in his craft. Rocky sampled Moby’s early 2000s classic, “Porcelain”, and in return, created an anthem that will be played for months to come. On top of the already phenomenal song, Rocky released yet another crazy music video to accompany it. The video features some of the best editing/VFX, I’ve seen, and because of that, you’ll have to see it for yourself.

TE$TING’s release is imminent and you can expect coverage of it right here at The Beat.

DISCLAIMER: Video contains explicit content



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