Tanja’s Office

by Maya Khalife-Hamdan

If you’ve ever walked through the halls of  Drinkward Center (which you hopefully have or else chances are you’re lacking several graduation credits, and most likely won’t graduate OES, and then pursue a career in gas station operation), you’ve probably noticed that Upper School Science Teacher Tanja Horvat’s office appears to be located in a sketchy closet and not in the Science Office with all her science colleagues.

During my first few months at OES, I assumed that Tanja’s office some sort of chemical closet and that she was always in there organizing materials. However, as time passed by, I realized that Tanja was always working in there.  After having inquired with several students, I learned that that “closet” was actually Tanja’s full-time office. Tanja’s office separation from her science colleagues confounded me, so I decided to meet with Tanja and interrogate her about her office location.

After having engaged in an enthralling conversation with Tanja, I learned that Tanja has been using that closet as an office since the Drinkward Center was built in 2004. The upper school has countless science teachers, and the room designed as a science office was simply not big enough for all of the science teachers. Faced with too compact of an office, one science teacher would be obligated to move into the closet. Tanja was kind enough to volunteer herself.

Tanja explained that the situation ended up working out perfectly because she now values all the private space she gets. “I am very antisocial so I enjoy working alone. Plus, there are rarely any faculty member or students coming in to distract me.”  When asked if she missed being situated in the same office as her colleagues, Tanja replied, “No, not really. To be honest, I don’t really like them that much.

Although she may claim to be anti-social, I personally really enjoyed talking to Tanja and found her to be a very outgoing person. If you ever happen to arrive to your science class a bit early and need some entertainment, I highly recommend stopping by Tanja’s office for a few minutes to chat with her.

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