Virgil Abloh Takes Charge at Louis Vuitton

By Alex Slusher

Louis Vuitton, the luxury designer brand with belts that cost more than some houses, has made a big move in the fashion world.

A couple of weeks ago, the company announced a gigantic hiring of Virgil Abloh as their head of men’s design. Abloh is an American fashion designer of Ghanaian descent, and has successfully pushed designed fashion in new directions since his inauguration to the industry. Abloh created his fame as the art director for Jay Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne Album (2011). Soon afterward, he launched his high end Off White Brand, whose collaborations with Nike amazed the sneaker world last year. People wait in lines for hours, and pay thousands of dollars to get their hands on these pairs of shoes.

Louis Vuitton’s hiring of Abloh is significant in many ways. Abloh is yet another example of Hip Hop’s effect on the rest of the world, and the penetration it has made in high end luxury culture. Abloh’s Off White brand is among the most desired brands for rappers in America. Rappers like Lil Uzi, Travis Scott, Future, and many more has referenced the brand in their songs. It will be a joy to watch Abloh thrive at Off White, and I am excited to see the progress he makes.

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