Alexa Hu, Honor Council Dorm Rep. Statement

Hi everyone, I am Alexa a junior and I am running for Honor Council Dorm Rep for the upcoming year.

I understand that for dorm students, when they leave their home and family to a new environment with various rules that are confusing at first, they might break rules accidentally. I want to be the one who stands next to them when they are lost or afraid. I want to be the one who encourage them to move on from mistakes and become a better person. Moreover, I understand that when students are seeking help from Honor Council, they are revealing their extremely private experience and emotions. As their classmate, friend and Honor Council Rep, I cannot betray their trust. I will to protect their privacies and hurt feelings by being confidential about everything. I will be devoted to the committee. I am willing to sacrifice my spare time and other activities for Honor Council meetings if there is a conflict, because members’ presence is important to the committee and the student. Additionally, in this transition from Discipline Committee to Honor Council, OES is really focusing on the idea of self-discipline. I will help Honor Council to achieve its goal of creating an honest and safe environment where people respect each other.