Ellie Chang, Policy Board Civics Rep. Statement

My name is Ellie Chang and I would love to be your civics representative again for 2018-2019.

As for my connection to civics based activities, I have been a part of the OES debate team for 3 years and have also done JSA and MUN in the past. I strongly believe that these activities have immense value as they can teach us important skills that we need for the rest of our lives. As your civics representative, I will advocate on behalf of all civics based activities and make sure I am someone you can easily talk to about your ideas, opinions, and wishes. Even as one of your mission reps, I will still do my best to remain highly active in the civics activities. This year, I was committed to making sure the mission representatives still had the opportunity to check in with their constituents during Wednesday activities, which has not been done in the past.

On policy board this year we have made progress on many different projects, such as trivia, funding for activities and clubs, and a board and website for policy board. I am currently working on increasing transparency in our grading system. So far, we have sent out surveys to both the student body and the faculty, as well as presented our findings from the student survey to the faculty. I greatly look forward to the opportunity of implementing solutions and continuing with this project next year. Thank you for your consideration.



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