Mary Zeng, Honor Council Dorm Rep. Statement

Through my experience, I know that OES is a high-stressed school and it’s very easy to slip into hectic and chaotic habits.

To sustain an environment that is safe and healthy, the upholding of the OES code of conduct is necessary. Being a dorm rep this year to Honor Council was a growing experience for me. Junior year is the hardest year, but I manage my time well between school work, Honor Council meetings, and extracurricular activities. This is the process of putting commitment and responsibility with my passion into this job. It taught me to see difficult situations without bias and further apply restorative justice to support students, while keeping confidentiality, and I think these are the essential qualities that a good candidate should possess.

My mission, vision, and values inspired to help students from avoiding a path that includes inappropriate and harmful actions to the individual and the community. Also, restorative justice is the notion that really resonates with me, and I hope I can carry this with me in my work on the Council while providing an objective voice.

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