Sherry Zhao, Policy Board Civics Rep. Statement

My name is Sherry Zhao and I’m a junior. In my upcoming senior year, it would be my pleasure to be the civics group representative and give back to the community.

I think I am qualified for this position, not only because I have the experience of involving in the school events about student activism and workshops, but also because I will strive to bring new perspectives and more opportunities where students can have more conversations with peers and faculties. In my sophomore year, I joined the Culture Shock team and started to be in charge of the workshop planning group. For two years, we reached out to different schools and gathered suggestions about how to be more inclusive and create an environment where our fellow students can feel comfortable to express their ideas. This year, we also have a range of workshops about civil topics like student activism, current media influence, and discussion about euthanasia. If I become the civics representative next year, I will be willing to hear students’ suggestions about history classes and actively reflect them to the teachers, making the learning experience more lively. Right now, I am truly proud of my peers’ actions in making their voices be heard and I will try my best to be supportive and let more students be heard. Thank you so much for reading this and for your consideration!

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