Sherry Zhao, Policy Board Identity Rep. Statement

My name is Sherry Zhao and I’m a junior. In my upcoming senior year, it would be my pleasure to be the identity group representative and bring more perspectives to our community.

As a dorm student, I get to talk to people from different culture and religion backgrounds which make me more aware of the importance of respect and understanding. I also joined ISA, Intercultural Student Alliance, in my sophomore year and hoped to have more discussions about different identities. Working with a group of peers that have different racial and cultural backgrounds yet share the same curiosity and respect for others, we had a lot of great conversations about global and local issues. If I become the identity group representative for next year, I hope that everyone has the chance to involve in the discussions on issues they are interested in and explore things they don’t know through friendly conversations. Our school values diversity a lot, which gives us the opportunity to be more open-minded and aware of other people’s lifestyles. I promise to be a patient listener, a good communicator, and a sincere peer. We may not hold the exact same values as everyone, but it’s okay because that’s what makes our lives more meaningful. As an ISA leader, I also welcome everyone to join the activity and explore more “selves” in the future. Thank you so much for reading this and for your consideration!

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