Tiffany Liang, Policy Board Dorm Rep. Statement

I am Tiffany Liang, a rising sophomore. I am running for dorm Policy Board representative, a position that is responsible for advocating dorm students’ opinions in how to improve OES policies.

To begin with, as a highly engaged member in the community, I am very aware of the issue happening in the dorm. As close friends to a lot of people in the dorm, I have access to their opinions and their complaints about current dorm program, which will be a strong resource of my focus in Policy Board to improve our policies. Furthermore, I am highly involved in different dorm activities, and I have led several activities as well, I have recognized what dorm students need and what they want. In addition, I am also active in the OES community that I have a lot of day student friends and I involved in a lot of school events, which will help me combine day student program with dorm student policy well.

If I am elected as a Policy Board representative of dorm, I will listen to everyone’s opinion with no bias. I will be open-minded and try to be aware of dorm students’ feeling with changes happening in the school. I will also stand for dorm students and try to maximize our benefits. Above all, as a Clay Street Table leader, I will focus on improving our current program and developing it into a more comprehensive activity with my Pobo rep identity.