The Many Hats of Peter Kraft

By Alex Slusher

Peter Kraft has been a busy man this year. For many people, adjusting to a new job, city, and home would be enough to permeate a life with chaos. However, in March, Kraft’s job got a little more complicated.

When Mo embarked on her sabbatical, Kraft went from not only the Associate Head of the School, but also the Acting Head of the School during Mo’s absence. To balance his multiple roles, Kraft has situated himself with offices both in Farris Hall (where he has been all year) and with a temporary residence in Mo’s typical office.

Although the job is complicated, Kraft noted that he filled a similar role at his school last year in a time of crisis. While the job has been busy, Kraft said that is has been made easy by the excellent division heads at OES. Because they are so competent, he has not had many difficult decisions to make.

Kraft explained that one of his biggest pleasant surprises at OES has been the authentic and powerful student voice. Whether it is advocating for time to stage political protests, or discussing recent events surrounding Michael Hanley and graduation, he noted that not only do the students believe in themselves, but are willing to make their ambitions a reality. Additionally, he praised the power of inquiry at OES, which in a way, fuels the school. Student’s knack for exploring complicated topics empowers themselves and their peers.

Although the year has been chaotic, Kraft is happy about the time he has spent here, and optimistic about his future at OES.