Three Reasons Why Seniors Won’t Graduate This Year

by Skylar Killian

Why yes. It is in fact nearly the end of the 2017-2018 school year! And that can only mean one thing: Senior graduation…well, usually.

It is, of course, with great displeasure and disappointment that I must bring to your attention that this may not be the case. Well, damn! Why not? They have been working so hard for four years. Yes, it is really quite unfortunate. But here are three primary reasons why senior graduation may not actually be valid senior graduation.

#1 Service hours (.)

We have all been there (and if you haven’t, props to you, or have fun if you are still an underclassman)–the moment when you realize that you have not completed a single service project at the end of your junior year. Okay, so it doesn’t sound so bad. You can just spend your whole senior year serving the community, right? That’s what they all say, yet low and behold as senior year comes to a close it is not uncommon to find a good chunk of the senior class scrambling to log hours and complete multiple projects.

#2 The new weight room

This reason in particular pertains to those who pursue athletics or are considering building up some muscle. Who would want to leave such a beautiful, cleanly facility behind? Nobody. I mean, this is a serious issue that we, as a community, must consider. Strengthening one’s “guns” and exercising are key factors in health, and the new athletics center offers the prime location to develop one’s skills. So, naturally, in parting with OES, seniors may face serious gym nostalgia. However, never fear because surely they will encounter other spaces to build muscle and forge friendship, not to mention the overwhelming feeling of joy they will experience knowing that the generations of students to come might establish a similar sense of gratitude for this wonderful facility.

#3 Wanting to be an active member of The Dig

All us writers here at The Dig know it, and you know it in your heart. It can only be deemed fact. Parting seniors want to either remain or become active members of The Dig. Whether or not they have realized their dream thus far, the school newspaper remains a driving factor behind their love for the OES Upper School. Naturally, as college approaches and it becomes clear that due to their deficit in completed service projects, they might have to return to OES in the fall, they have begun to evaluate potential ways to stay involved in the community. Even so, eventually the school will have to kick them out and the chance to be on The Dig will no longer be viable. Not to worry though, because you can still tune in and read The Dig while away at college!

As a result, it should be noted, at least for the benefit of those not attending graduation, that seniors are shedding tears over their lack of service hours, their inevitable parting with the new weight room, and their failure to involve themselves in The Dig during their time at OES.

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