Presidential Statement: Maddy Reynolds

What if our OES Community life was as strong as our Academic life?  It’s amazing how we apply ourselves deeply and inspire each other to work harder and grow as learners. Yet, as we transition from the classroom to the great hall, the inclusiveness of our academic life too often gives way to tension and lack of camaraderie. I’d like to work to make these two aspects of our culture equally strong.

Holding a variety of different student leadership positions has given me a broad perspective of the pulse of our community. Over the past three years I have been involved in everything from Model United Nations to being a three sport athlete; from leading Culture Shock Workshops to interviewing prospective counselor candidates; from broadcasting to facilitating and organizing the Girls in Sports Leadership summit. These experiences enable me to work with our entire student body to bring about a shift in culture. I look forward to sharing my ideas on Monday regarding how we can bring about change in our culture.