The New Student Government Website

By Maya Hamdan

What does student government really undertake?

Being a nonmember, I have found all that goes on in student council to be indistinct and complex, and have never fully understood the true role of student government. Thankfully, Policy Board perceived the ambiguity that student government has on the majority of the OES student body, and has taken initiative to resolve this issue by creating the OES Student Government Website.

The ultimate objective of the Student Government website is to make all three branches of student council (Policy Board, Community Board, and the Honor Council) transparent and intelligible to the entire student body by clarifying and explaining all their meetings, processes, and role in the OES community. Additionally, photos of all the student representatives are posted on the website, along with a statement each representative wrote as to what student government means to them and why they joined. The website also offers a regularly updated “Current Projects” folder, allowing the entire OES community to be aware of the ongoing projects that are being pursued. Furthermore, the once secluded School Handbook can now be easily accessed through the student council website.

Student Government also hopes that this website will allow for greater student participation in Policy and Community Board meetings and activities. Not only are current projects exhibited, but there are also suggestion forms for all three branches of government, allowing the student government to hear the voices of all students.

When asked how he feels the Student Government Website will impact the OES community, Charlie H., Fresham Policy Board Representative explained that “the website will hopefully be a great tool for students who want to get more involved in their government. We hope to see you use it to the best of your ability!”

It should be noted, however, that the website is not final, changes are still being made. If there are changes you’d like to see made, student council would love to hear them! Be sure to share your suggestions, feedback, or ideas with any member of Policy Board. Or even better, take advantage of the four open seats on Policy and Community Board to share your opinion and make your voice heard to the student government.


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