Presidential Statement: Noelani Johnson

My name’s Noelani Johnson, and I’ve been attending OES for 13 years. As a student at OES, I can honestly say that this school, while giving me an amazing education, still has some things that could be improved for a better experience at OES.

I know what many of you may be thinking: “this girl has never been on student council, so why should I give her the time of day?” Although I haven’t served on the student council, I’ve experienced this school through the eyes of all of you. I know that certain interactions with teachers can be frustrating, I know that some rules need clarification, and as student body president, I would make it my priority to clarify these rules in order to improve the social and academic lives of all students at OES. Some specific changes at OES I’d like to make are: fostering a better communication between faculty and students, adding mandatory unconscious bias training to those who sit on the honor council, creating a safe space for students to talk about some issues that they would like to see the school solve, improving OES’s relationship with mental health, and adding courses that would allow students to learn the skills that they’ll need outside of school such as paying bills, managing finances, investing and understanding the stalk market, and writing resumes. These issues are ones that cannot be ignored. I know that fixing these issues is essential to the overall experience for all OES students. I have many changes that I’d like to make at OES, and if you elect me to be your president I will ensure that these changes are up and running as soon as possible.