Presidential Statement: Simran Jhooty

Dear All,

My name is Simran Jhooty and I am running for president. Two years ago, I sat on the freshman furbicles, marvelling at all the presidential nominees compelling platforms. Even back then, I had envisioned standing in front of the student body one day and articulating my hopes and dreams for the Upper School.

However, what exactly those changes would be remained a haze. Every time I began to go down that rabbit hole, I was met with the same question. What actually can the president do? And, to me, the answer had always been not much.

However, with both time and experience on student council, my perception on the matter has drastically changed. The truth is that I could go on about what my vision is for OES, but that would contradict the fundamental role of a president. Someone who was elected by you to serve you, the student body. Saying that, my goals are simple: to be realistic, authentic, and, ultimately, prioritize the needs of the community. I am not going to overstate the role of the president, stating an unreachable ideal so often portrayed in the election cycle, but I will be frank. If you vote for me, I will address your concerns. I will tackle difficult problems and I will be your advocate. At the end of the day, I have been incredibly fortunate to be a part of this dynamic community and being elected as president would be an honor.

Take Care,