Quick Tips to Destress the AP Exams

by Nicholas Chang

As AP tests are starting to wind down, its time to destress and relax. You did it! Now, it’s time to relax a little.

Here are the Dig’s official tips to relax a bit:

  1. Watch some youtube or TV. Get your mind off of school for a bit. A good, funny youtube video can help you destress and get your mind off of school.
  2. Go outside and exercise. I think it was scientifically proven that if you sweat, you forget about your stress and in fact feel better.
  3. Eat. I think it is safe to say that eating makes everybody happy. To destress, go to your fridge and make a nice little snack for yourself, watch a good tv show, and relax.

Honestly, you can do whatever you want to do. The point is, you need to relax. You just took an AP test, those are pretty tough. Take a minute and congratulate yourself with a bit off relaxation. Besides, relaxing will better prepare you for the rest of your work.

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