Rapid Fire Mike and Ike Facts!

by Kennin Martin

Heya everyone. It’s not news that Mike and Ikes are the most popular candy in the vending machine. They can sell out within an hour if people find them quickly. I was lucky enough to grab a bag the other day, and so this article was born.

Rapid fire facts:

  • M&I are the most popular movie candy (outside chocolate)
  • During a school day, over 8.7 million M&I are produced.
  • M&I are made by the same company that makes Peeps.
  • One M&I is 6 calories
  • Sugar and Corn Syrup are the first two ingredients. (no surprise there…)
  • M&I are Gluten Free, as well as Kosher.
  • They are obviously the best candy.
  • Mike and Ike are not real people.
  • The company was blamed for “sexualizing candy”, because some believed the characters to be homosexual.
  • The characters Mike and Ike broke up in 2012, but got back together a year later.
  • M&I are vegan, as they are gelatin free.
  • M&I were created in 1940
  • There have been at least 27 different variations on this delectable candy.
  • There is a M&I movie trailer.
  • It is probably not real, still not entirely sure.
  • There are enough candies made in a year to encircle the Earth 3 times.
  • Cherry is the most popular flavor in the world, even though Strawberry is objectively the best…
  • Mike and Ike have made jelly beans before.

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