Major SPARC Changes

by Matthew Li

If you park at SPARC (OES’ Sports Pavilion and Recreational Center) every day, then you’ve seen what SPARC has become.

The path that once lead you to your car now consists of rubble fenced off around the perimeter of what used to be tennis courts. I contacted those in charge of the operation, and found out just exactly what is going on with our courts. Here is what we know from Jon Von Behren, our own director of facilities:

Who: While SPARC is a shared space with non-OES members, this reconstruction is an OES project that is being carried out by professionals.

When: The project’s duration is projected to last 2-3 months, and will be finished before the fall 2018 term.

What will change?: The courts and surrounding fence will be redone, with the exception of the lights, which will not be re-done, since they have not been used in decades. The stairs will be redone with concrete stairs, and the overhanging trees will be replaced with shrubs.

According to Jon, this project has been discussed for over ten years now, and it is extremely overdue. I personally, as with all improvements to the campus, am looking forward to seeing OES continue to grow and improve it’s facilities.

“It’s a good step to making sure we win state every year” -Nick L.

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