Honeywell Emergency System

by Matthew Li

In the latest OES security news, Asha Appel has informed us that a new security notification system made by Honeywell has been implemented for the safety of our community in many different situations. After a recent lockdown in which some students weren’t able to be notified of the lockdown via the speaker system, a question was raised: how can we enforce the safety of our students quickly and reliably in different situations?

During the lockdown, the speaker system was not operating properly, and many students at SPARC were not able to be notified, since they were walking up the trail. Students also questioned the reliability of our current emergency notification system in the event that a student has headphones on and is studying.

The solution: Honeywell, a text based service that will allow students to be notified via text in the event of a lockdown, fire, school cancellations, and other miscellaneous emergencies. Honeywell International Inc. is a multinational group comprised of sub companies that range in specialties from aerospace systems to home and building technologies. One of these companies specializes in “Safety and Productivity Solutions”. In 2016, Honeywell was listed as the 73rd largest corporation in the country by Fortune Magazine. So it seems that the new system should be trustworthy enough.

In theory, the Honeywell system is the perfect solution for problems relating to emergency communication services. If a student were to be wearing headphones, they would most likely still have their phone with them, and any push notifications should be seen by your average teenager that never parts with their device. Nevertheless, the text based service seems to be a more reliable form of communication than a speaker system that can only be heard in buildings on campus. With smartphones being so integrated into daily life, a text based service should be most reliable in a high school. Based on Honeywells size and success, it seems like the new system will be just what we need, at a time when violence in schools is making headlines too often. Make sure to sign up via the link sent out by Asha a while ago.