Three Contemporary Artists You Need To See

by Noah Wali

We live in a world today where almost anything can be considered a form of art. Art is a form of creative human expression, and a way to capture one’s attention in inspiring ways. Art makes us think more ~ and less at the same time.

Here are 5 up and coming artists you need to check out. 

  1. Takashi Murakami.

3 artists-1.png

Takashi could be considered Japan’s hottest contemporary artist right now. His obsession with personifying flowers and nature through his different mediums gives him a unique brand of artwork, especially with his ability to incorporate vibrancy so well throughout his pieces. “An artist is someone who understands the border between this world and that one… Or someone who makes an effort to know it,” Takashi once said in an interview with Sarah Thornton.

Murakami loves to incorporate cartoons to act as a Japanese cultural portal with subversive undertones and imagery. Takashi’s art has been featured at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the MOMA in New York, as well as many other famous locations.

  1. Virgil Abloh

3 artists-2.png

(Footwear News)

Talk about creative genius. Virgil truly does it all as an artist. He has literally done it all. From interning at Fendi, to being the creative designer at Kanye West’s creative agency, to actually directing the Ye and Jay album Watch the Throne, to founding “Off White”, to creating his own music, to being named the artistic director for menswear at Louis Vuitton (no, I am not finished), to bridging the gap between athletic wear and streetwear, to eventually performing at Lollapalooza this summer as well as seeing his artwork on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Chicago, where he grew up.

Virgil is truly a creator. Not only did Virgil successfully influence much of the way streetwear brands function today, he also created one of the most high demand collaboration in the history of fashion: Nike x Off-White. The Importance of the collaboration falls within Nike’s history. The originality and creativity on both Nike and Off-White’s part were highly applauded since this is unlike anything we have seen from Nike before.

Be sure to catch Virgil doing bigger things in 2019.

  1. Yayoi Kusama

3 artists-3

Yayoi Kusama may be one of the most influential feminist artists of her generation, and her art has inspired many throughout the years. Kusama’s dotted artwork has caught the attention of many important museums. Kusama, who is originally from Japan, caught attention when she created very controversial exhibits and paintings in New York City. Yayoi’s dots come from her idea that earth is only a polka dot in a realm of an infinity of different universes.

Art is everywhere. Notice.