Oregon Eating Society’s Final Verdicts

By Nicholas Chang

As summer soon approaches, we need to know what we’re gonna eat. Here are the Digs list of best food. Keep in mind, this is all subjective.

Best Burgers:

  • Burgerville – reliable, fast, and delicious
  • Five guys – Great beef patty, lots of different toppings, and delicious shakes.
  • Skyline burger (Kara’s recommendation)

Best Pizza

  • Bellagios – great fluffy crust
  • MOD Pizza – can add whatever toppings you want
  • Pizzicato – reliable

Best Donuts

  • Krispy Kreme – delicious and light
  • Sesame donuts – reliable and close to school
  • Blue Star – the one time I had one was at the airport and it was really good

Best cheap Asian food

  • Tokyo Grill – it’s good
  • 99 Ranch food aisle – even though it kind has gone downhill, that orange chicken Charlie and I had was truly delectable.
  • Oolong Yuan – We at the Dig have not reviewed this restaurant. However, I have been there before and it is good. They’ve got chicken, squid, pork, and even bubble tea.

Best Ice cream

  • Salt and Straw – really good with great flavors. I recommend the snickerdoodle.
  • Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – buy the pints, it’s good.


These are some of the Oregon Eating Society’s recommendations for food this summer!

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