Bol Bol: Oregon’s Newest Star

By Alex Slusher

With the recent success of the Oregon Ducks football team, a fan of the school might consider the upcoming hoops’ season an afterthought. Bol Bol would say otherwise.

Not only is the Ducks’ basketball team hungry for national success, but they just might have the talent to back it up this year. The Ducks brought in the #2 ranked recruiting class for the class of 2018, headlined by their star center, Bol Bol.

Bol is the son of Manute Bol, the tallest player in NBA history and was born in Sudan before moving to the United States at a young age. After transferring to perennial powerhouse, Mater Dei, for his junior season, his stock as a recruit skyrocketed. Receiving scholarship offers from schools like Duke, Kentucky & Kansas, Bol decided on University of Oregon.

Ranked the #4 player in the country, Bol was the highest ranked signee in Oregon basketball history. In addition to being an amazing basketball player, Bol has developed quite an eccentric friend group. Instagram pictures show him with celebrities such as Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, and Ian Connor. Although the Ducks are used to a certain flash on campus, Bol is looking to set himself apart by leading his team to a national championship.


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