Monshi’s Legendary Playlist

by Max Fitzloff

For two years now, Ryan Monshi has been an avid user of the app Spotify.

From the beginning, Ryan created a playlist showcasing his favorite songs at the time. The playlist was originally known as “Rose”, to pay tribute to his favorite basketball player Derrick Rose. The first song ever to be put on the playlist was Drip my Miami by rapper Fat Nick.

After about a year Ryan changed the playlist name to Husky. He chose the name Husky, because when he was a child his pant size was “Husky” at Old Navy since he was a self proclaimed chubby kid. Around this time “Too Hotty” by Atlanta rap group Migos was released – to this day “Too Hotty” is one of Ryan’s favorite songs and will hold a spot on his playlist for many years to come.  

Recently, Ryan has changed the name of his playlist to Persian Stallion or P.Stal for short. He chose this name after the nickname his mom gave him as a child when he dressed up as Rocky Balboa for halloween. He’s currently focusing his musical attention on new and upcoming rappers, highlighting rappers like Gunna and Lil Baby.

As an avid user of the playlist, I highly recommend it for any rap connoisseur or anyone trying to hear some new music.

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