Project Samiee

By Matthew Li

Last week, with help from Luke Samiee, OES hosted recess during Friday’s “X” period. I sent out two forms, surveying students regarding the general opinion on stress alleviation through recess.

With over 200 total responses, the forms yielded some pretty interesting results. Last week, 33.1% of students rated their stress level a 10/10, 42 percent rated Luke Samiee’s announcement a 10/10, and 24.7 percent rated it a 5 or below. Additionally, an overwhelming 100% of students said they preferred waffles over pancakes.

Both before and after recess, the most popular responses to “how often should recess occur?” were weekly and “only on stressful weeks”. What I found to be the most interesting statistic, however, was that although the majority of students rated recess a 7 or higher, the results for “how well did recess alleviate stress” were not expected:

Recess Survey

Earlier this week, I got the opportunity to speak with Luke S., the leader of this event. Luke’s next steps are to hear what the student body wants to do with recess moving forward, and do exactly that. He feels that the only way to improve recess is to communicate with those who are participating. He even teased the idea of a future activity designated to recess.

In response to those who rated his announcement a 1/10, Luke had this to say: “They hate us ‘cause they ain’t us”. Luke also stated that “this is the people’s team”, and for those who felt that recess did not alleviate stress due to the prohibition of homework-doing, Luke feels that “they should’ve gotten their work done before”.

I believe recess at the OES upper school has a lot of potential. Personally, I can see how students who would like to get assignments done during X period are not happy with recess, but having it on Fridays means less assignments are due at that time. It doesn’t seem like last weeks recess was the last, but we’ll just have to see where the rubber meets the road.

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