Sophomore Opinions on the Last Week

by Amrita Jhooty

It’s no surprise that this past week has been stressful for a lot of upper school students. So, I ventured out to the Great Hall to see how some sophomore’s felt about the last few days.

Anonymous: “It’s been the hardest week of the school year.”

Anonymous: “This week has been incredibly stressful and the effects of missing so much sleep to complete assignments throughout this week have led to me being absolutely miserable. There is no way anything I turned in was even close to a good example of my work. My mom’s worried too, which sucks because I don’t think she deserves that either.”

Anonymous: “It’s been really stressful for a variety of reasons. First, I feel like it is really hard for me to approach my teachers about certain things because I feel like they won’t think I am working as hard as I am. Also, I am working super hard but even when I am staying up late it is not enough.”

Anonymous: “This week has been really really stressful. I’ve gotten less than 5 hours of sleep every night. I wake up at like seven. Its so freaking hard to bear. Also, I can’t just ask the teacher to move all the work, because they just change the date to one day earlier and everyone says that they can’t do that. But they do! It’s so stressful! I’m so unhealthy mentally, physically, and I know this work isn’t my best. Hell, it’s like my worst!”

Anonymous: “It has been very stressful. There needs to be better communication between the teachers.”

Anonymous: “This week has been really stressful and I’ve slept for about 8 hours collectively. It is not a procrastination issue–we literally have too many things to do on top of extracurriculars.”

Anonymous: “This last week or two every teacher has assigned a major project, all with practically the same due date. If they expect students to participate in sports, other extracurriculars, and complete that much work while still getting eight hours of sleep, they are very wrong. I wish they could have coordinated better to make it more manageable for students.”

Anonymous: This week, especially for sophomores, was a disaster. We were loaded with an insane amount of homework, so much so that it was virtually impossible to turn it all in on time after having done good, complete work. At this point, the sheer amount of homework is incentivizing us to be academically dishonest and turn in poor quality work, which is a serious problem. If OES wants to promote meaningful, deep learning like they say they do, then a serious revision of homework policies is necessary.

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