Captain Brown

by Max Fitzloff

The 2018 Men’s Cross Country season has been an exciting one, to say the least.

With such a young team, junior captain Asa Brown had to step up and lead his team in a variety of ways.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.19.49 PM.png
Asa, pictured wearing a white shirt and green shorts.

I spoke to Ryan Holland, the Men’s Cross Country coach about the season and he expressed just how proud he was of the team. As mentioned above, the team was young, with four varsity freshman. Asa had to work exceptionally hard both before and during the season to push his teammates to perform their best.

Holland says that Asa was a perfect fit for this young team and has been a leader by example, giving strong words of wisdom to the younger runners. Prior to the season, Asa also put in a great deal of work through both running on the track team and training on his own during the summer. Holland added that Asa has made a phenomenal leap between sophomore and junior year as both a runner and a leader.

While Asa is currently the only Men’s runner left in season, Ryan told me that each and every member of the team PR’d during the district race. During districts, Asa ran what Holland described as a “smart race”, landing him in fourth place and securing him a spot in the state meet. For this final race, the coaching staff is hoping to push Asa to his physical limit and hopefully have him finish on the podium.

The final race will take place this Saturday at Lane Community College, so wish Asa good luck if you see him before he leaves.


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