The Ironic Reason I Forgot to Write My Dig Article, Twice.

by Viraj Shankar

I think we can all agree that these last two weeks have been no piece of cake for the upper school community…

I was supposed to write an article two weeks ago on the intense amount of homework that I had, adding to the plethora of stress-induced homework rants that have plagued the Dig recently.

The funny thing, though, is that I forgot to write this rant. Come 8:00 PM on Thursday, when I was supposed to turn in my Dig article to the editors, I was concentrated on studying for a test I had the next day. I became so paranoid about studying for this test that I TURNED OFF MY PHONE (Imagine that!). Completely clueless, I forgot that my reminder to write my Dig article was on my phone. Ironically, it was actually homework which got in the way of me ranting about homework. Kara was not particularly thrilled with me, to say the least.

“Oh well”, I said, “I’ll just write it next week”, stupidly thinking the coming week would be perfectly normal. Boy, was I wrong! It turns out, the next week was about 1,000,000 (=1 million, PSAT anyone?) times worse than the week before. Not kidding, I had two tests, two quizzes, two essays and an enormous amount of homework assignments all in the same week. I persevered and began to write my article, powering through activity block, and almost finished it. But alas, I had an essay due the next day, and once again I got so distracted that I forgot to turn in my Dig article yet again! Homework had, once more, interrupted my proposed rant on the school’s incessant amount of homework.

This week has been almost as rough at last week, and I don’t even really know how I remembered how to get this article finished. Maybe it was because I had set literally 20 reminders on my phone to finish it, or because I was scared of facing Kara’s wrath.

But seriously, all kidding aside, I really think this says something about how homework is affecting everyone’s ability to do things outside of school. I’ve heard from a number of people how stressful these last few weeks have been, and I think it’s really affecting everybody, teachers included (they have to grade everything we turn in, you know). It seems like the upper school is increasingly becoming a body of students that are more fatigued, tired, and consequently, unable to focus. At this point, I’m not even criticizing homework. I know it is inevitably something we all have to do. But the sheer volume of it is distracting us from our ability to do things that we like to do. And I think that goes against a major OES value, which is making sure that every student attending OES should be, first and foremost, a well-rounded student.

So teachers, if you’re still listening, I have a small request. Please, don’t go overboard with homework, because right now, it’s taking a heavy toll on all of us.

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