No Shave November: A Sacred Holiday

By Charlie Norgaard

Now that it’s November, I can already feel the growing anticipation for the holidays.

Christmas and Thanksgiving ads are already plaguing the internet, and believe it or not, I saw my first Christmas tree of the year strapped to the roof of a Honda Civic last weekend.

Though I love Thanksgiving and Christmas as much as the next person, there is a sacred November tradition that is completely overlooked by the vast majority of people: No Shave November.

No Shave November is a personal favorite of mine. Though it rivals my love for Thanksgiving, this sacred ‘holiday’ is a beautiful time of year. Whether you are 50 years old or a barely pubescent teen, No Shave November gives you a valid excuse to let your untamed hair grow wild wherever you’d like without judgement.

More importantly, No Shave November is a movement for the greater good. Despite what most people think, this sacred tradition wasn’t made just for teenage boys who want to fashion unevenly grown stubble ‘beards’ and peach fuzz mustaches. In fact, No Shave November is a movement dedicated to raising cancer awareness.

The goal of No Shave November is to embrace the hair that many cancer patients lose during treatment. Instead of spending valuable time and money on trimming your hair, you are supposed to let your hair grow free and wild, and donate your monthly hair-maintenance expenses towards cancer research.

A few of my friends and I will be following through with No Shave November… at least until our mothers make us shave what little we have. I plan on posting some end of November progress pictures of our final products. Below are pictures of my fellow fresh-faced participants that have vowed to grow their facial hair in their preferred style for the rest of the month:

Participant #1: Jack M

Facial Hair Goal: Handle Bar Mustache














Participant #2: Nicholas C

Facial Hair Goal: The Classic Mustache


Participant #3: Redmond D

Facial Hair Goal: Full Lumberjack Beard


Participant #4: Trevor J

Facial Hair Goal: Any facial hair at all



























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