The Sophomore Octoberim Experience

By Amrita Jhooty

I know it’s been a while, but, let’s talk about Octoberim.

This year, sophomores spent Octoberim doing two things: taking the PSAT and making PSA’s. Now, taking the PSAT was quite the experience, but today, I am going to be talking about the PSA’s we made. We began the PSA experience by receiving a quick rundown of what the following two days were going to look like. Here’s what we were supposed to do:

  1. Attend community conversations on topics relevant to teenagers. For about 30 minutes, we could walk from classroom to classroom until we found a topic that interested us.
  2. Have a discussion with our group and begin researching our topic.
  3. Come up with ideas for the PSA.
  4. Present and get our script/idea approved.
  5. Film and edit the PSA.
  6. Make a social media campaign.
  7. Make a printed campaign
  8. Present our PSA’s to the sophomore and freshman class

Honestly, I had my doubts. There was a lot to get done and after taking the PSAT, I was not up to the task. In the one day we had left, we had to film our PSA, edit, create two campaigns, and also compose an original song as a background track (wasn’t required and I still don’t know why we did it). But somehow, we got it done.

Writing this a month later, I wonder whether making the PSA’s were worth the time and effort we put into it. To me, it was… mostly. I really liked the concept of researching a topic and making a PSA on it. It gave us a chance to learn about relevant issues and also teach the freshmen. However, because we also had to include the two campaigns, the whole process seemed rushed. All in all, I think my Octoberim experience can be summed up in one sentence. It was pretty good.


Here’s the link to the sleep PSA that was never shown in gathering:

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