Elon Musk and His Sometimes Crazy Antics

By Matthew Li 

In the past year or so, Elon Musk has made headlines in the mainstream media, for a variety of reasons.

Whether or not you keep up with tech news or follow all the things happening in the world of space exploration, you’ve probably still heard the name Elon Musk quite often in the past year or so. Whether it be moving to mars, selling flamethrowers, or making seemingly absurd promises in terms of business projections, Musk has managed to repeatedly get himself in the spotlight for various reasons, particularly in the last several months.

While most high-ups in companies do receive some sort of national attention at some point in their careers, Elon garners his own headlines almost monthly. His fan base has changed dramatically recently, because of his actions. Earlier this year, Elon joined Joe Rogan and shared a bit of a joint for the world to see. Personally, something like this definitely smells like a publicity stunt. I don’t fully understand his reasoning, since Elon also relies on his investors, who freak out every time he pulls something like this. In late September, the S.E.C. sued Elon for a tweet he made, which made investors believe he was going to make Tesla private.

Some see Elon as a hero, for his success with Tesla, the Boring Co., SpaceX, and other small projects, all while not being afraid to show off his inner child. For others, the inner child is exactly the problem. Elon is also seen by many as unreliable, childish, not a good leader, and more. While I personally think he has done a lot of good for the world, his image of a childish, relatable yet superhuman CEO seems a bit far fetched to me. As Forbes 21st most powerful person, Elon has a lot of responsibility that he maybe has not demonstrated too well. While it is nice to have a more relaxed, down to earth leader at times, Elon’s statements like how there’s a “70% chance” he will move to Mars make it seem like he also wants to take the route of making money off being ridiculed by the public.

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