No Shave November 2018: The Results

By Charlie Norgaard

The end of November is finally here and lo and behold our No Shave November results are in!

After a long month of intense growing, OES’s dedicated No Shave participants have reached their final forms. While some may have been blessed with slightly more fertile hair glands than others, I am still very proud of the progress our participants made over the course of month. Below are pictures of our final participants and their hairy masterpieces.


I think Trevor Jones surprised everyone with his No Shave results. He finished the month with a modest, yet fashionable moustache and the beginnings of some blooming mutton chops.



Redmond D followed through with his plan to grow a “lumberjack beard” and by the looks of it he is not far off!



Nicholas C grew a stunning moustache that will make heads turn.

No Shave_Nicholas


Poor Jack M had to shave the beginnings of his Handlebar moustache within the first two weeks. Instead, he had to settle for some good ol’ chin stubble. I still commend his efforts to follow through with No Shave though.

No Shave_Jack


And finally, I feel obligated to include Noah W and John F in this article. Though they were not included in my previous No Shave November article, I believe that they have closed the month with some of the best looking facial hair I have seen in a long time, as they look like 40 year old men.

No Shave_Noah 2No Shave_Noah 1No Shave_John 1No Shave_John 2


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