The OAsians Affinity Group Discusses the OES Upper School Ping Pong Tournament

By Asa Brown

If you’ve been paying any attention over the last weeks, you’ve witnessed the OES Ping Pong Tournament.

Suddenly a cornerstone of the OES community, ping pong has become an everyday activity for many OES upper schoolers. Just recently, head of upper school Asha Appel made an announcement that allows the ping pong table to stay, potentially forever. Lauded by many as a example of the potential that a smaller community has, the Ping Pong tournament has electrified the upper school community. But what were the origins of the tournament?

The Tournament was originally the brainchild of OAsians, and “started off as a joke that Mason, Tod, and Jason made in our first OAsians meeting” said Darren L. ‘19. However, the tournament wasn’t recognized as a great idea immediately. According to Cheney S. ‘19, “we simply laughed it off as a cool idea, but weren’t serious about holding a school-wide event. Later on, we began building on the idea and realized that it was a legitimate plan for connecting the OAsians group to the wider community.”

But even after the tournament was recognized to be a hit, it still had doubters. “I didn’t think the tournament was going to be this big of a deal, but people are actually very into it,” says Darren on the issue.

However, It’s easy to see why the Ping Pong tournament has had the success it has had. As Cheney said, “the tournament provides a common agenda for the whole community, which is why I think that it has been so successful in helping everyone meet new people. Regardless of whether someone is playing, someone can simply spectate a match or cheer on his/her friends, so it really includes everyone in the community.” Darren suggested that the tournament had another function, too. “The ping pong tournament is important to OAsians because it represents a part of Asian culture, which is a step forward towards having more representation in social media, sports, the movie industry, and much more in the society.” Cheney said something similar: “The event has helped OAsians promote its name, recruit new members, and share Asian culture with the wider community.” Your move, other affinity groups.


Stay tuned for more ping pong related coverage from the Dig.

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