Ping Pong Brackets Are Out!

You didn’t ask for this, but we’re milking this tournament as much as humanly possible here at The Dig, so…

Here’s the link to the OES Ping Pong Tournament Knockout Round Bracket Competition (known lovingly, of course, as the OPPTKRBC).


– Matches #1-8 votes are the 1st-round matchups
– Matches #9-12 votes are 2nd-round matchups (quarterfinals)
– Matches #13-14 votes are 3rd-round matchups (semifinals)
– Match #15 vote is for the finals
  • Scoring: 10 pts. for each correct 1st-round pick, 20 pts. for 2nd-round, 40 pts. for 3rd-round, 80 pts. for picking the winner.
  • Ties are awarded to the person who submitted their vote first.
  • Please just enter once, please don’t cheat, and enter your email and name honestly- this is all just for fun, and we want to be able to do things like this in the future!
  • Voting will close at 8am on Wed. 12/12.
  • Check back at that same web address as the tournament progresses to see the leaderboard!  Your name and current rank will be on top of the list, with the full list below it.

We still aren’t sure on what the prize for the winner is going to be, but my guess is that it’ll be better than Pop Tarts from the Vending Machine but, you know, not THAT much better.

Anyways, thanks for participating ❤

– The Dig

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