Weekend Tings

By Noah Wali

While a good amount of us spend our Saturdays or Sundays relaxing from the stress of school and extracurriculars or getting food with friends or family, a select few of us OES’ers take the opportunity of a free day to experience new things without even having to leave our beautiful state.

Many of us cannot figure out what do do with our weekends, and this article will reveal many adventures possible in a one day excursion in Oregon. I asked OES students to tell me something unique they would want to try in Oregon if given the opportunity, and these were some of their responses (edited minimally for grammar):


The Three Dig Editors:

Trevor: “Go downtown with some friends and shoot”

Charlie: “Eat at some radical food carts!”

Thomas: “Get some friends, look up events in Portland, and go to the weirdest one. Or climb. Or hoop at Ainsworth. Or eat at Fire on the Mountain. Or climb, then eat at FOTM, then hoop at Ainsworth, and then go to the weirdest event in Portland.”


“I would spend it with my friends. I would first “run moves” to Tilt and order the Tilt burger. Then I would hit Ainsworth Elementary School for some pickup hoops with my men. I would then proceed to watch my favorite movie Dazed and Confused with the boys. That would be the night.”

“I would probably walk around a bunch of the bridges with a friend and a camera and go to some of the weird restaurants I have never been to. I would also consider going to council crest (if it’s clear out) to look at the mountains.”

“I would go to Cannon Beach with my dog to run on the beach, and afterwards I would go to the candy store to purchase the Moose Tracks flavored ice cream.”

“Pittock Mansion to see the view.”

“Impersonate a college student and try to go unnoticed.”

“Shadow the bagpipe playing, unicycling, Darth Vader for the day.”

“Naked bike ride. No words needed.”

“Visit the Sloth Center to see them.”

“Chill with goats.”

“I would go biking-city to forest.”

“I would protest for or volunteer with OPAL Oregon, which builds power for environmental justice in Portland. They do a lot for protecting the rights of people who are transit dependent and how it’s better for the environment (climate change).”

“Ride a trolley around Portland.”

“Skydiving.” (x2)

“Zoo Lights!”

“Windsurfing in the Gorge.”

“A cool hike to a swimming spot with my friends to spend the day there.”

“Skiing.” (x2)

“Pips Donuts!”

“Nerf Gun war all over Portland!”

“Swim in the Willamette.”

“Go to Skidmore Bluffs for a sunset watching party and then hit FOTM for dinner.”

“Taste test of all different kinds of burgers around Portland. Or a movie taste test.”

“Road trip to a small town in Oregon.”

“Start a protest just for the fun of it.”

“Bike from Mount Hood to Portland.”

“Spend a day with my brother to bond.”


Personal Favorite:

“Nerf Gun war all over Portland.”- Rachel Holzman


There are a lot of things to do in our state that aren’t even present on this list! All it takes is some motivation to leave your phone at home and get out and make memories with your friends. Now is the time! Use this list to your advantage and try something this weekend. Have a great weekend!