The Definitive Ski Team Preview

by Asa Brown

GOVVY, OR- This Friday, Ski Team will head up the mountain after school for its first league race. Ski Team has a shot at winning the Metro League this year, but we would have to beat out Jesuit, Tigard, Tualatin, Newberg, Beaverton, Glencoe, Southridge, and Sunset. After a strong showing at Kelsey’s Memorial Preseason Race, that seems possible. The Boys Ski Team has a strong squad this year, and here is some of the projected varsity team, in no particular order.

Hugh S. ‘20

You may have seen Hugh strolling the halls, airpods in, keeping a low profile. However, Hugh is a pretty good skier. Hugh kicked off the first race in expert fashion, beating out 400 other racers from all over the state by over a second. Funnily enough, over two years ago, The Dig predicted Hugh’s rise to glory, giving him the monikers: the prodigy, the great one, and Mr. First Seed. This year, Hugh looks to win an individual title in the Metro League, and perhaps, Tucker Scroggins permitting, a state title (that one might be unlikely).

Ian B. ‘20

Ian is a good skier, but perhaps more importantly, is the owner of really nice speaker. Despite its dubious origins, and its possible embezzlement-related beginnings, one thing is for sure: it’s the nicest speaker on the market. Even if Ian tears all of his ACLs sometime this season, he’ll make sure the Ski Team is bumping.

Oscar H ‘22

The resident Kyler Murray of OES, Oscar will no doubt struggle to balance his ping-pong playing with his commitments of Ski team. What Oscar does have going for him though, is that he is boasting an extensive ski racing experience. This background has the potential to separate Oscar from the riff-raff. Even Hugh was somewhat of a freeskier/backcountry-convert, and look how he turned out.

Ian R. ‘20

With playlists consisting of 2 Live Crew, T-Pain, The Brazilian Girls, and Insane Clown Posse, Ian brings an artistic side to Ski Team. Captianing, negotiating with coaches, designing, racing, Ian might be the most talented person on Ski Team. Maybe the most talented human ever?

Henry G ‘19

Respect his crypn

As Luke Stanley once said “Skiing is like relationships, as soon as you start it’s all downhill from there”

Girls preview next week, and they’re better than us, so stay tuned.

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